Rental Item Galleries

In these galleries you will find images of many of our rental items, check back as this gallery will be added to regularly.  Most of the decorative items shown will be one-offs or have limited stock so please keep this in mind when you are making reservations.


The rustic furniture is made in-house by our talented general manager and is offered in a dark stain or antique gray stain.  Please use the list to the left to jump straight to the gallery of most interest or simply browse at your leisure.  Happy rental shopping.


Handmade Cake Table
36" round at 33" high, dark stain finish with pretty grain detailing.

Rental - $32
Handmade Cake Table
36" round at 33" high, dark stain finish with pretty grain detailing.

Rental - $32
Handmade Sign-in Table Close
Antique Gray - closeup
Rental - $38

39.5"l x 18.5"w x 33"h
Handmade Sign-in Table
Antique Gray
Rental - $38
Handmade Adjustable Podium
Black skirting available if desired.

Rental - $25
Handmade Cocktail Table
27" Square, Antique Gray finish, 42" high

Rental - $25
Handmade Cake/Bridal Table
Antique gray finish, 60" x 32.5"

Rental - $45
Whiskey Barrel Table
Tabletop is 36" diameter & 35" high
Each $45
Pair $80
Four $150
Rustic Furniture Set
Complete set $100
(includes table, bench & chairs)

Table only $45
Bench only $25
Chairs each $25
Chairs pair $40
Rustic Furniture Set
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Arches & Decor

Floor Easel
Black metal with burnished detailing. Adjustable

Rental - $16
Vintage-look Chalkboard
Antique gray finish

Rental - $20
White Wicker Arch
7ft at apex, approx 5ft wide
Rental - $28
Brass Arch w columns
Also available in white metal - Rental $28
Heart Shaped Metal Arch
Rental - $28 with columns
Rental - $22 no columns
White Metal Arch
Rental - $28 with columns
Rental - $22 no columns
Rustic Wood Arch
Decor is optional and at extra cost. Decorate to suit yourself.

$45 arch only
$12 decor set
Rustic vintage look chalkboard - $20
Rustic White Metal Lantern
Battery-operated candle included

Single - rental $18
Pair - rental $34
Card Box
Rental - $10

Use to collect greeting & gift cards at your wedding or birthday.
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Cakes & Catering

Antique Silver Cake Stand
22" diameter - $25
Contemporary Silver Cake Stand
17" diameter - $35
Faux Log Cake Stand
12" diameter - Rental $12
3 Tier Cupcake Stand
Rental - $4
Large Cedar Cake Slab
$25 rental
23" x 23"
Large Cedar Cake Slab
$25 rental
Cedar Cake Riser 1
$12 Rental
Cedar Cake Riser 2
$12 Rental
Cedar Cake Riser 3
$12 Rental
Cedar Cake Riser 4
$12 Rental
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Stage, Dance Floor & more

Dance Floor 15'x15'
Outdoor installation requires sub-floor.
Rental $16 per 3'x3' section.
Oak Parquet Dance Floor - 3'x3
3'x3' Section:
Indoor - $13 ea
Outdoor - $16 ea
Stage with steps
16" x 8" at standard height

Steps rent for $50
Stage set-up includes skirting. Stage is $34 per 4'x4' section.
Canopy with Perimeter Lights
30" x 50" Canopy
Canopy - 20'x40'
Rental from $525*

*t&c apply
Pipe & Drape - limited colors, $2.50 per linear foot self install. Price includes pipes and drapes.
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Cedar Cake Riser 4

$12 Rental