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Outdoor Events


So you've decided to hold your event outdoors!  We have all kinds of options to help make your event perfect.  Events here in Texas are generally affected by the heat more than anything else so a canopy is the ideal solution to provide your guests with valuable shade. If rainy or windy weather is anticipated then you may also consider tent sides to offer additional protection from the elements.


Perhaps you need a place for folks to dance?  Maybe a stage for your band or DJ?  A platform for a presentation or ceremony?  Worried about your guests getting cold? We can offer a solution.  Email to request a quote for your special event.

Tents (Canopies)
A 50% non-refundable deposit applies to all tent reservations.

We offer several different sized tent (canopy) options for your event. From 10 - 250 people seated at tables or up to 450 seated in rows.  For larger groups we can use two or more tents. Our tents are white top canopies, sides are additional (see below).  Check here to see which size tent will best suit your event and venue.


When you order a tent with Comal Rental, the price includes the set-up and take-down of the tent.  Delivery is a separate fee that applies to your entire order and depends on your location. Click here for more details about our delivery service.


***If you are considering renting a tent please make sure you know the location for the tent, whether the tent can be staked to the ground or will it require water barrels to keep it secure? What access is available to the site, exactly how much space is there and are there any impediments to the set-up of the tent on site; such as trees, in-ground pipes or other buildings?


PLEASE NOTE: A site check is required for all tent/canopy reservations prior to finalizing an agreement. Some exceptions may apply if we are familiar with the chosen venue. 

Tent Accessories

As mentioned above you can add sides to your tent as required.  You may want it completely enclosed or just one or two side for shade or shelter.  Our sides are 20' wide x 8' high in clear or white vinyl.  Depending on the time of year you may which to consider a patio heater or two to keep guests warm.


We also offer a couple of different lighting options - either perimeter string lighting (see photo above left) or chandeliers (left).


In addition to standard tables and chairs we can also offer bar risers, serpentine tables and cocktail tables.  See our Furniture & Decor page for more details.


Dance Floors & Staging


A 50% non-refundable deposit applies to all dance floor bookings

A party is not complete without a dance floor!  Whether indoor or outdoor we can offer a stunning floor for you and your guests to dance the night away.


The dance floor is assembled using 3' x 3' sections so we can create the perfect sized dance floor for your venue and group size'.  Pricing includes the installation and removal of the floor, delivery fees depend on the event location.



Do you need a stage or platform for your event, maybe a podium for presentations?  We can supply for your needs from a simple 4' x 4' platform through to a 16' x 24' stage.  We can vary the height of the stage and add stairs or ramps if required.  Ask us a for a quote.


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